And I begin yet again…

I have started a blog, my blog, so many times in the past. Too many times to believe that this time will really be different but it will. I swear.

The last blog was one that I really felt very passionate about and, if it hadn’t been for my having chosen a poor excuse for hosting, I would probably still be there. But I did and that is that.

Now I am here, my brand new home. It’s almost the same name as my previous site with only one little letter difference.I’m now That Crafty Chicky…notice the y on the end? Yeah, I couldn’t get my old site back so I had to improvise and here we are.

I have lots to share but before I can do much of that, I must get this place set up and ready to roll. I should be dropping little tidbits here and there while I work on the layout and I do hope you’ll check in from time to time as I am working on things.

Happy New Year!

Peace & Love,

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