Doing the Hard Work

Getting Started…

Diving Right in…

I’ve read so many people that say they make a living through blogging. As easy as those folks make it sound, blogging is hard work. It’s not like in the movie “Field of Dreams” where the motto is if you build it they will come. Just because you start blogging doesn’t mean people will flock to your online space.

I sit here with so many ideas to share but there is still much to do as I get this space set up. Speaking of set up, getting a blog set up just the way you want it is a very long drawn out project. However, I also believe that if I wait until everything is perfect, I’ll be months before I get started.

Uh, heck no!!

That’s why I’m here, already posting bits and pieces as I work on the set up and beautifying this space. I’m excited about making it truly a reflection of who I am and all I have to share and offer.

There is a reason I’m blabbing on and on about all this stuff. I want you to come back over and over but for a while, it may be a bit confusing with each visit. I plan on lots of changes as I settle in and I don’t want it to be off-putting if it is unrecognizable at times.

Bear with Me

I guess what I’m really asking for is lots of patience and understanding. But I’m also asking that you please keep coming back and sharing in my offerings.

I have tons of ideas and projects in the wings and I’m so hopeful that my online home can be a fun place for you to spend time, exchange ideas, learn and share.

I really want you to come to consider my space YOUR space. Because, let’s be honest, aren’t we all really That Crafty Chicky? I say we are.

While you’re here, I’d love for you to drop a quick note and say hi. Also, be sure to leave a link to your space on the web; I’d love to come visit you, too.

Back at It

It’s time for me to get back to business. Thanks for coming by and I genuinely hope to see you back real soon.

Peace & Love,

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